Alex Potter

Excitement is building… we hear from Alex Potter, Director of Digital Strategy

As excitement builds towards the launch of our Hey Pharmacist TV ads, we hear from Alex Potter, Director of Digital Strategy, who discusses his personal journey since our acquisition of Co-op Health in April, 2021.

“When we acquired the business, we planned out what we called our foundation year which was to take the core health product, integrate it into PHOENIX and maintain performance.  It was important to make sure that we grew the numbers, but we had to balance our growth to ensure we could deliver a high level of service.  Our first task was all around rebranding the product which is a huge undertaking.  Once you've decided what you want to call it, what the brand is and what the colours are you then have to understand how that comes to life in the app and the website.

“The second thing we had to do was to take the repeat prescription product and figure out how to convert that into something that can be used by Numark members.  For example, how do we on-board patients in store and help them to use the product in simple and intuitive way.  This instigated the development of our in store acquisition.

“From then, our focus shifted from an operational challenge to the challenge of member engagement.  Fundamental to the success of Hey Pharmacist is to have a wide network of collection points.

“And here we are today, on the brink of launching our own TV advertising campaign!  This is where I think it really brings out our USP.  These ads will drive volume of prescriptions through the product and fundamentally through our network of Numark pharmacies and that's exactly what we want it to do.  The adverts are engaging and articulate really well the Hey Pharmacist proposition and the importance of local pharmacy collection.

“The future is really exciting for Hey Pharmacist, we have ambitious plans.  As we continue on our development pathway, we believe that we will expand further than prescriptions and move into driving OTC and services. I’m proud of all involved, we have really come together as a team and demonstrated dedication and passion, what we have now is a really good, solid product that works well and an incredibly strong marketing campaign designed to drive growth.”


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