Support your customers combat their symptoms this allergy season

We are finally approaching the summer months, which means we can welcome warmer weather, longer days and can start thinking about planning our summer holidays abroad or in this country.

As the weather improves, we will be spending more time outside whether on days out or in the garden which means that with allergy season at its peak, customers will be looking to pharmacy for support with hay fever and allergy symptoms.

Allergy season typically occurs at the beginning of spring and is often a significant source of frustration for allergy sufferers who have already had to navigate through months of cold and wet weather conditions. Tree pollen is generally the first pollen to arrive, as early as the beginning of March, and is followed by grass, weed and ragweed pollen, covering the months all the way up until the end of August. Over 25% of the population are affected by allergies each year and in the vast majority of instances customers will wait until they begin to experience symptoms before seeking treatment.

You are able to help your customers manage and relieve their allergy symptoms with our support. Numark has partnered with PharmaDoctor to offer over 60 oral and vaccination patient group directions (PGDs), to provide simple and cost effective solutions to enable your pharmacy to provide services for the supply of specific prescription only medicines,* without the need for your customers to visit their GP for a prescription. Purchasing through PharmaDoctor, Numark members will benefit from a 10% discount on the standard cost of PGDs.

You can offer the PharmaDoctor Allergy Test ‘n Treat Service Package, which enables pharmacists to provide customers with a clinically robust allergy consultation service, test for over 290 allergens and then offer POM treatments where appropriate.

Set up the PharmaDoctor Allergy Test 'n Treat Service

The Numark Training Library also features a Counter Excellence module for allergies which can be accessed at ensuring you are up-skilled and able to offer your customers sound advice regarding their allergies.

You should also consider running an allergy awareness health campaign in line with hay fever and allergy season. Running a health awareness campaign will allow you to engage with customers, sign post to services, and link sell to products related to the campaign. Everything you need to know to support you in running a successful allergy awareness campaign can be found on our downloadable briefing sheet.

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*PGDs provide pharmacists with the necessary legal-medical authorisation to dispense and administer POMs but must be used appropriately within a clinically robust pharmacy service framework.