Golden Evolution

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Golden Tote has transformed the dispensing process for our members. Changing the game for community pharmacy, this semi-automated digital solution maximises the potential of your business and offers greater flexibility within your dispensary. It has been proven to increase safety, boost efficiency and improve accuracy, all within an easy-to-manage system which can be seamlessly implemented within your store.

Utilising barcode scanning technology, the ‘pick to prescription’ application allows for seamless prescription assembly direct from the PHOENIX tote. This completely eliminates the need to double handle stock from totes, saving precious time from checking off invoices, putting orders away, multiple times a day, in addition to significantly reducing the requirement for all the peripheral stock management tasks such as stock rotation and date checking.

Stock holding is reduced on average by 45% and around 40 hours per week can be saved both in the pharmacist’s time and that of the pharmacy team. This time can then be repurposed to identify ways of achieving growth, whether that be through delivering services or conducting a full review of operational capabilities of your business.

With Numark you can trust and embrace digital, the hardest part is taking that first step but we are here to support you on that journey. It has never been more important to seek out ways to free time, realise operational efficiencies that drive a reduction in cost to enable you reinvest in the future of your pharmacy business.

What are you waiting for?

Golden Tote is changing the game for pharmacies, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from our fantastic members who have implemented the system with their pharmacies:

“Working without this system is just unthinkable to us now” Owynn Baker – Holme Pharmacy

“It has been nothing short of incredible” Daniel Forsdyke – Woolpit Pharmacy

“We have been really pleased with the results so far” Navid Seyed – Newport Pharmacy

“Golden Tote has improved the way we work dramatically” Raj Radia – Spring Pharmacy

Join the Golden Evolution today to find out how semi-automated dispensing can help your staff and your business. Golden Tote has helped to transform the processes of over 100 pharmacies already, and your next step could be just around the corner.

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