End Date for Submission of Data for Mandatory Valproate Audit

Numark would like to remind members that, by 31st March 2023, all community pharmacy contractors must have completed the 2022/23 national clinical audit on valproate over a six-week consecutive period and have submitted their data via the Valproate audit 2022/23 tab on MYS. This is a mandatory contractual requirement.

If pharmacies have conducted the audit but did not identify any patients to participate in the audit, they are still required to declare that no patients were identified as being suitable. This should be done by ticking the ‘No eligible patients’ box within the Valproate Audit 2022/23 tab on MYS and submitting this information by 31st March 2023.

The NHSBSA, on behalf of NHS England, are publishing a dataset showing which pharmacies have submitted a return, it can be viewed here:

More information on the audit