Protect from pollen this allergy season

As we move into the spring months now is the time to start considering allergy remedies and prevention. March through to May typically features the highest levels of grass, weed and tree pollen, and protection against allergy and hay fever symptoms is key to navigating the tricky spring period.

The NHS say that allergies are thought to affect one in four adults at some point in their life. With the arrival of pollen season, the number of allergy related enquiries you will receive will be on the rise.

At Numark we have an extensive range of resources available to help you in supporting your patients, enabling you to add value to your pharmacy and ensuring that your customers are adequately prepared for what is to come.

The Numark Training Library features both Pharmacy Excellence and Counter Excellence modules, providing all-encompassing instruction and guidance to help you support your patients through the allergy season.

Pharmacy Excellence – Allergy

This module demonstrates the prevalence of allergies, the problems this causes customers and what we can do as healthcare professionals to support customers requesting advice on managing their allergies. It covers the following:

  • What is an allergy
  • Allergy and the immune response
  • Is it an allergy, sensitivity or intolerance?
  • Symptoms of allergy
  • Common allergic conditions
  • Anaphylaxis
  • What medical treatments are available via community pharmacy
  • How treatments work, contra-indications and side-effects

The module also features a short test at the end to ensure that the information has been absorbed.

Counter Excellence - Allergy

Our Counter Excellence module also features a comprehensive guide to allergy protection and prevention. By completing training on allergies you and your team will be better equipped to offer advice and guidance to customers and signpost where required. The module will cover:

  • What is an allergy?
  • Is it an allergy, sensitivity or intolerance?
  • Symptoms of allergy
  • Common allergic conditions
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Treating allergies
  • Summary
  • Further reading
  • Linking to a health promotion
  • Test your knowledge

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