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Marketing your flu service

We’ve had a rocky couple of years following the pandemic and although we’re getting back to a sense of normality, it has educated people about the importance of winter health vaccinations and protecting those most vulnerable.

With more people conscious about their health and having a better understanding of the services pharmacy can provide, more customers are turning to their local pharmacy for their annual winter flu jab; whereas previously they have contacted their GP or forgo getting vaccinated altogether.

Here at Numark, we want to help you deliver a robust service, and alongside the essential elements such as training and vaccines, we’re here to support with marketing.

Marketing is critical, after all, there’s little point in having a seamless and well planned out service if nobody knows you are offering it.

A successful service is reliant on a visually impressive and engaging campaign to drive new customers to book in for your service, as well as notifying your regular customers collecting their prescriptions.

As well as displaying materials in your pharmacy, it’s important to extend your reach further than bricks and mortar. Social media is a great medium for advertising your flu service both to existing customers as well as targeting new. As part of our campaign support materials, we’ve developed a number of social posts you use on your own channels to drive awareness.

Motivating your team to support recruitment

Your team will play an important role in recruiting customers into your flu service.

Training is key to ensure staff are informed and engaged. Consider delivering a short training session to help them understand the service, eligibility criteria, how to engage with customers and how to promote the service.

Remember that customers within the ‘at risk’ groups may attend your pharmacy up to five times within the flu season for a prescription, this presents multiple opportunities to vaccinate. Engage with all customers visiting the pharmacy, whether bringing in a prescription, purchasing OTC products or using other services.

We also have developed a new Counter Excellence and Pharmacy Excellence modules to prepare you to support your customers during the flu season which you can access via our Numark Training Library.

Numark Corporate Flu Vouchers

To further support our members, this year we’re offering something new to encourage businesses to support staff with free flu vaccinations.

We are currently selling flu vouchers to UK businesses to enable them to offer their employees a free vaccination via participating Numark member pharmacies.  As a participating member, your pharmacy will be promoted to businesses who have purchased the vouchers to encourage their staff to visit for their flu vaccination.

Participating members will be paid a fee per flu voucher redeemed for each flu vaccination they deliver. You will need to retain the vouchers received as proof of the activity and return to Numark with a completed claim form at the end of the flu season, to receive payment.

2023 Flu POS materials

In this month’s member support pack, you will also receive your POS materials to market your flu vaccination service in store. It is advisable to start putting out marketing materials around a month before the start of the vaccination season. Displaying point of sale materials around and outside your pharmacy will promote that you offer the service and drive footfall into your pharmacy for those seeking their vaccination.

Materials include:

  • Shelf talker
  • Poster
  • Bunting
  • Stickers

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