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Retailing Numark own brand

The cost of living crisis is affecting almost every household across the UK, and although your customers will not be able to forgo paying the cost for their prescription items, they will be seeking cheaper alternatives for other pharmacy focused items.

Enter Numark own brand: the largest own brand range available within wholesale, with over 300 pharmacy focused products which are exclusive to our Numark members, helping you to offer your customers a value for money alternative to the leading brands whilst maintaining product quality and profit margin.

Numark own brand is exclusive to Numark members and comprises of a strong presence in many pharmacy categories including: allergy, cough, cold and flu, oral analgesics, gastro, VMS, personal care and first aid, just to name a few!

With RRPs at least 20% below the leading brand, the Numark own brand range provides quality products at winning prices for your customers, whilst driving higher profit margins for you vs. the leading brand. This will be a hit with your customers, who are looking for that brand alternative to help combat the cost of living crisis on some of their essential pharmacy items. Average own brand product margin is 59% and we have a strategy put in place for you to maximise your profits on P and GSL lines whilst still competing with high street pharmacies.

Merchandising tips for Numark own brand

Giving your customers an alternative to the leading brand is key to maximising sales opportunities and catering for all customer types, but just stocking the range and merchandising it well will make all the difference.

Appearance on shelf

Having a unified own brand across your pharmacy creates a more appealing shelf display.  Shelves can start to look cluttered with multiple generic brands on show across different categories.  Stocking the Numark brand helps to unify your display offering customers a choice without cluttering your shelves. The beauty of our new design first aid and foot care ranges is that they’re designed to fit both on shelf and wall hangers, making them super transferable to fit in any space.

Incorporating own brand into your range

Having a good balance of brand leaders and own brand alternatives is key to catering for all customer types.  Some customers are absolutely brand loyal whilst others are more shopper savvy and will review ranges before making a product choice.  Times are challenging at the moment and every penny counts, so ensuring the medicines cabinet is adequately stocked and your first aid kit full without spending extra pennies is high priority for customers. 

Many customers now understand that the core ingredients of many own brand products are often the same as the brand leaders and by raising awareness of this where applicable you may be able to switch them into the Numark brand, increasing loyalty.  There are some categories which have a much higher purchase rate of own brand than others.

A couple of examples are:

Vitamins and supplements – ingredient focused products that may be purchased on a regular basis by customers, so value is key.

First aid and foot care – There is a high saturation of brands in these categories.  Customers will search on product type and price, rather than brand.

Hay fever and allergy – again, an ingredient focused category which requires customers to purchase in higher volumes in the hay fever months, leading them to search for a better value alternative.

You can also enhance your range through positioning on your fixtures.  We would usually advise to position own brand alongside the brand leaders to highlight to customers their buying options.  Customers will scan a shelf left to right and use the beacon brand (brand leader) to help them navigate, even if that brand isn’t their purchase intention.

Take a look to see how other retailers position their own brand products and see if it varies between store types.  Next time you are out shopping, take a look at the fixtures to see how they have been displayed to take ideas and options away that can be used in your pharmacy.  You’ll see that many of the own brand alternatives, particularly in supermarkets now replicate the brand leaders in terms of packaging to encourage own brand purchases.  See how they have been positioned on the shelf and how easy it is to spot the difference between the brand leader and the own brand.

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