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Pharmacies across the UK are experiencing growth due to ear and hearing healthcare

The role of community pharmacies is changing. More and more pharmacies across the UK are increasingly being seen as a first port of call for the public and many are adapting to deliver vital care services within the heart of their community.

The Government and NHS recently pledged £645m additional investment in community pharmacies over the next two years, to help pharmacies support communities access common conditions services.

Many pharmacies have taken this as an opportunity to reflect upon the private clinical services they offer, looking for new ways to expand their business, whilst delivering affordable community care.

The demand for ear and hearing healthcare has skyrocketed over the past few years whilst GPs are scaling back ear health services and waiting lists for secondary care growing.

Many pharmacies have already started to deliver private ear and hearing healthcare services making them the go-to destination in their community. This is not only helping to provide a valuable service but is helping pharmacy business to attract new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Ear and hearing healthcare offers a unique opportunity for pharmacies. It provides a relatively low-cost investment with high potential return and is complementary to other private clinical services e.g. flu jabs, travel vaccinations etc.

Partnering with TympaHealth to deliver this service could give you the opportunity to provide a convenient 30-minute appointment - comprehensive ear examinations, a thorough hearing check and wax removal if required.

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