England Pharmacy Contraception Service (PCS) Update

NHS England has announced the expansion of the Pharmacy Contraception Service that will begin on the 1st December 2023.

Currently, pharmacies who have signed up to provide the service may only provide Tier 1 (repeat supplies of ongoing oral contraception under a PGD). The expansion includes progression to Tier 2 of the service, which allows pharmacists to also initiate oral contraception.


  • All pharmacies who sign up through the NHSBSA MYS portal to provide the service AFTER 1st December 2023 MUST provide the extended service (Tier 1 and Tier 2 – repeat supply and initiation of oral contraception)
  • Any pharmacies who have signed up BEFORE 1st December 2023 may continue to provide the Tier 1 service alone, and have a period of 3 months to transition to offering the extended service.

Numark will continue to keep our service hub page up to date in order to support you in all aspects of offering the Pharmacy Contraception Service

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