Price redetermination for Omeprazole oral suspension (September and October 2023)

Community Pharmacy England and DHSC have agreed following representations to the following redeterminations for the September and October 2023 Drug Tariffs:

  • the addition of licensed Omeprazole 1mg/1ml oral suspension sugar free (75ml) to Category C based on Rosemont Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • the deletion of unlicensed Omeprazole 5mg/5ml oral suspension from Part VIIIB

Payment for September and October’s prescriptions will reflect the above retrospective determination and hence will not be as per the published Drug Tariff.


The redetermination was made as there was a risk of supplying the licensed product against a generically written prescription for Omeprazole 1mg/1ml (or 5mg/5ml) oral suspension sugar free which would lead to a discrepancy in reimbursement. The price of the special listed in Part VIIIB of the September and October Drug Tariff is £11.10 per 100ml and then 8p per every additional ml, whereas the list price for the Rosemont product is £110.00 for 75ml.