Crucial Date for Foundation Trainee Pharmacists Recruitment

If you are considering recruiting a foundation trainee pharmacist for 2025, you will need to register on the Oriel platform as significant changes have been implemented for the 2025 foundation training year.

The National Recruitment Scheme also known as Oriel will be the only route to employing a foundation trainee pharmacist for the 2025-26 foundation training year.

Employer registration for the 2025-26 training year for Oriel is now open and closes at 23:59 on 1st March 2024 and any employers not registered will be unable to recruit a trainee for that year.

Find out more and register

You can also read about the Foundation Training Programme and your obligations in the Employers Handbook as there are significant reforms to the initial education and training of pharmacists. This includes the need to provide the trainee with a prescribing learning environment, a Designated Supervisor and a Designated Prescribing Practitioner as most foundation trainee pharmacists will register as Independent Prescribers at the end of the training year. You do not need the details of these when you register but will be asked to provide them closer to the start of the training year.