Four key principles for nomination

To ensure fair patient nomination, four principles have been developed that apply to dispensing contractors and GP Practices.

Principle 1

Patients must be provided with sufficient information about EPS and how it will affect them before their nomination is recorded.

Principle 2

Patients must not be influenced to nominate a specific dispensing contractor.
2a. Dispensing contractors must not offer any type of inducement to encourage patients to nominate them.
2b. Primary medical care contractors shall not seek to persuade a patient to nominate a specific dispensing contractor.

Principle 3

Dispensing contractors need to capture, record and act on a patient's nomination request in a timely manner.

Principle 4

Prescribers and dispensing contractors must establish standard operating procedures for nomination.

Your local GP

Even if your local GP surgeries have not upgraded their systems for EPS Release 2, you can still upgrade your system and begin to register patient nominations.

Talk to your local GP surgeries and inform them that you are upgrading your system for EPS Release 2.

National EPS guidance