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Appointment scheduling software that empowers community pharmacies.  This platform is all set to redefine how health service bookings work, simplifying daily operations for your practice and improving patient, clinician and staff experiences.  

HasHealth enables you to take full control of your service bookings, managing appointments by stock and pharmacist availability.  You can also capture any pre-screening data prior to the service, freeing up time for patient care.


Time savings

Get 20 HOURS of your week back 

Managing bookings through the online platform can help pharmacy teams avoid tricky paperwork and optimise the delivery of services such as vaccination programmes, pharmacy first and private services by reducing the amount of touch points required to manage and confirm appointments.

  • Easily integrate branded booking widgets
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Full control of services and availability
HasHealth Service Booking Slots


Appointment pre-screening

HasHealth also has the functionality to capture any pre-screening data prior to the service, freeing up time for patient care.

  • Capture pre-screen data automatically at booking
  • Patient records and suitability at your fingertips
  • Minimise errors
  • Communicate securely with patients
HasHealth Appointment Pre-screening


Maximise revenue from NHS & private services

HasHealth helps you to maximise revenue from both NHS and private services:

  • Flu
    • Increase appointments per store
    • Administer more vaccines per hour
  • NMS
    • Reschedule next appointment in patient record
    • Link appointments to manage patient experience and provide audit trail
    • Schedule in clinic or virtually via integrated telehealth
  • Private Services
    • Easily launch new services to test demand
    • Integrate approval workflows to better coordinate pharmacist’s time
    • Payment capability
    • Follow up appointments at a single click

Core services relevant to each UK country are automatically uploaded to your platform, with the option for you to add all services specific to your pharmacy, highlighting new opportunities to patients that they may not have previously considered.

Marketing Capabilities

HasHealth stands out by gathering important marketing data when patients book appointments.  This data helps send targeted information about services, announcements, and promotions to patients.

  • Bulk patient outreach
  • Up to 15% patient retention year on year
  • Delivers up to 4x increase of new service on launch

Video consultations for remote patient support

Numark members benefit significantly from HasHealth's implementation of fully featured video consultations, establishing a safe and secure two way communication channel allowing for virtual consultations that minimise the need for in-person exposure and subsequent health risks.

HasHealth Video Consultation


Features go beyond the basic telehealth model, including:

  • Screen sharing
  • In-consult payment acceptance
  • Document transfer
  • Screen capture
  • Group calling

This comprehensive set of tools not only ensures a seamless remote consultation experience but also gives greater control and convenience to members throughout the virtual healthcare process.

HasHealth goes beyond being just a booking platform; it's transforming how pharmacy operates.  From smart marketing to saving time, offering more choices, and working nationally, HASHealth is getting ready to make an impact on pharmacies.

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