Hey Pharmacist… Service Booking Platform

  • The digital landscape is changing the way your patients want to manage their health.
  • With the new pharmacy services feature, your patients can book services in your pharmacy alongside managing their medication.
  • Opt in to Hey Pharmacist and the Pharmacy Services platform today for a 25% discount on your first 12 months.

Opt-in to Hey Pharmacist and Service Bookings today

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There has been a real shift in funding from Items to Services and this isn’t likely to slow down. We want to make sure our members get their share

  • In 2018 approximately 92% of pharmacy funding was related to items, this is likely to be 82% by next year.
  • Conversely funding for Services has moved from 8% to 18% and is likely to increase further.
  • Services such as CPCS have increased by 84% in the past year alone, further solidifying a “Pharmacy First” attitude.
Never forget your prescriptions

How you will benefit from Pharmacy Services Bookings

Save up to 20 hours a week with the new Hey Pharmacist Service Feature

  • Integrated with the Hey Pharmacist portal
  • Booking capability via the Hey Pharmacist web (app in development)
  • Manage you and your teams service availability
  • Capture data and learn about your patients
  • Build a marketing database to manage patient messaging locally

Learn more about Hey Pharmacist from your account manager

Manage your team’s availability to suit your business

  • Limit appointments by stock & pharmacist availability
  • Patient rebooking and cancellation
  • Capture registrations before allocating appointments
Manage your team’s availability

View and capture service data digitally all in one place

  • Capture pre-screen data automatically at booking
  • Patient records and suitability at your fingertips
  • Communicate securely with Patients
Service data

Maximise revenue from NHS & private services

Flu NMS Private Services

Increase appointments per store

Reschedule next appointment in patient record

Easily launch new services to test demand

Administer more vaccines per hour

Link appointments to manage patient experience and provide audit trail

Integrate approval workflows to better coordinate pharmacist’s time


Schedule in clinic or virtually via integrated telehealth



Cost Structure

Hey Pharmacist & Pharmacy Services (England only)

Member who sign to both Hey Pharmacist and Service Bookings will receive a 25% discount for the first 12 months.

£75 p/m*

Accessed via Portal with full functionality and ability to integrate into pharmacy website

*Hey Pharmacist standard price: £60 p/m | Pharmacy Services platform standard price: £40 p/m

Pharmacy Services (Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)

Members without Hey Pharmacist can access Pharmacy Services for:

£40 p/m

Accessed via Portal with narrowed functionality and ability to integrate into pharmacy website.

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