Pharmacy Contraception Service Tier 2 Competency Checklist

For those of you who have signed up to offer the Pharmacy Contraception Service Tier 1, the deadline is fast approaching to sign up for the extended service to include Tier 2. 

Where Tier 1 allows supply of repeat oral contraception only, Tier 2 also allows initiation of oral contraception via PGD, following consultation with the pharmacist.

Those currently signed up for Tier 1 only will need to submit their MYS declaration for Tier 2 by Thursday 29th February or else be automatically deregistered from the service. 

Numark have developed a Competency Checklist designed for those pharmacists who have already evidenced competence and completed training required for Tier 1, but need to identify learning needs and evidence competence in order to offer Tier 2. The full recommendations for training modules are listed in the service specification.

Review competency checklist for Tier 2

For those pharmacies who are already offering both tiers of the service, there is no action required for you to continue providing the extended service.