Drug Tariff

Pharmacy Technicians to supply medication under PGDs

From 26th June, Pharmacy Technicians will be allowed to supply and administer prescription medication under Patient Group Directions (PGDs).

The proposed changes were approved by the House of Lords Friday 24th May,  with amendments to the Human Medicines Regulations being made 29th May, becoming effective 28 days later. 

These changes apply to England, Wales and Scotland.

Clarification of the changes can be found in the Explanatory Memorandum uksiem_20240729_en_001.pdf (legislation.gov.uk)

Our partner provider of private PGDs Pharmadoctor, have confirmed the changes will be effective on their PGDs from the 26th of June. 

As it is for pharmacists, the PGDs will be per healthcare professional per company, so each pharmacy technician will need their own account with their own PGDs. 

Updates to service documentation to reflect these changes are expected to be made over the coming months.