Within the eshop you will be able to search via various criteria to order the majority of products available through the Enhanced Discounts scheme. Simply locate the products you require and either view details of the product or add directly to your shopping basket.

As you add items to your basket you will be notified and the 'My Basket' icon in the top right hand corner will update.  Once happy with your order you can proceed to the 'My Basket' home screen which offers an overview of the items you have added to the basket, sorted by the supplier of the goods.

At this stage you can choose to amend the quantity of items you wish to order or delete any items from your basket.  To add to your basket you can click "Continue shopping" at the top or bottom of the page which will take you back to the eShop home page.

When in 'My Basket' you can also see the deliver options available for a particular supplier and what criteria you need to meet in order to use a particular delivery option.  Where applicable you will need to select a delivery rate for each supplier.

Once you have reviewed your order you can either click 'Next step' which will take you to the 'Review your order' page where your final order details are listed and the order can be placed or 'Save this basket for later' which will move the order from your current basket to the 'Saved baskets' section. 

A saved basket allows you to review your order at a later date before submitting your order. Items can be added and deleted up until the order is submitted.

Once your order has been submitted the relevant order details are sent to the relevant supplier. You will then see an overview of your order and will be able to print if required.