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PHOENIX have partnered with Opella Healthcare (trading as Sanofi Consumer Healthcare)

We are delighted to announce that PHOENIX have entered into a partnership agreement with Opella Healthcare (trading as Sanofi Consumer Healthcare), giving us joint distribution of the below OTC products. We have good levels of stock, exceptional customer service and are only one of two wholesalers exclusively eligible to distribute the products.

4350735000283661948Dulcolax Pico Liquid 300ml
32274935000283661962Dulcolax 10mg Supp 10ct
26915000283661894Dulcolax 10mg Tab 20ct
31203425000283661924Dulcolax 10mg Tab 100ct
41555525000283661979Dulcolax Pico Liquid 100ml
31203835000283659167Buscopan 10mg IBS 20ct
38005885000283659181Buscopan 10mg IBS 40ct
41555605000283661900Dulcolax 10mg Tab 40ct
32079255000283659228Dulcoease 100mg Caps 30ct
35317385000283659174Buscopan 10mg Cramps 20ct
42374755000283663010Cialis 10mg Tab 8ct
42374675000283663003Cialis 10mg Tab 4ct
41446975000283660613Buscomint Caps 24ct
4942035013011002487Phenergan Elixir 100ml
2166975000283657873Phenergan 25mg Tab 56ct
41952935000283662211Allevia 120mg Tabs 30ct
41952855000283662204Allevia 120mg Tabs 15ct
41953765000283662716Allevia 120mg Tabs 7ct
4720685000283659976Buscopan 10mg Tab 56ct
4552045000283659983Buscopan 20mg/1ml Amps 10ct
29766605000283657361Telfast 30mg Tab 60ct
24344885015265300333Telfast 180mg Tab 30ct
23902275015265300326Telfast 120mg Tab 30ct
2166065013011000629Phenergan Inj 25mg/1ml Amps 10ct
41594225000283661955Dulcolax 5mg Supp 5ct


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