Pharmacy First England Patient Interaction

Pharmacy First – Inappropriate Rejection of Referrals

We have had feedback from various LPCs investigating Pharmacy First data, advising that a there is a proportion of rejected referrals where a ‘minor illness’ consultation should have been recorded and claimed for. 

Please be aware that if you receive a referral into the service and contact/assess the patient, you must process and claim for it if you are able to, including the below examples:

  • There is a referral into the service as a clinical pathway but the patient is not eligible, or it is not one of the seven conditions  - you are able to treat as a minor illness (some examples of rejected referrals include verruca and chickenpox).
  • There is a referral into the service as a clinical pathway or minor illness, but on assessment you determine it is appropriate to refer on (non-urgent or urgent, for example to A&E or back to the GP) – you should record this outcome as part of a minor illness consultation.

This process ensures that GPs are advised of the outcomes and appropriate payments for the intervention are made – it is important to ensure all referrals are appropriately completed and claims submitted. 

Access CPE for further guidance