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PharmOutcomes – Addition of services to the Provider Pays model

From 1st June, additional services will be added to the Provider Pays model.

These are: 

  • Hypertension Case Finding Service
  • Pharmacy Contraception Service

As with the Pharmacy First Service, the fee will be based on each completed transaction, being a tier-based fee structure, meaning the more services you complete, the lower the payment.

Numark Affinity Group can save members up to 25p per service transaction completed.

We’re supporting members with our Numark Affinity Group to benefit from group volume, lowering the payments associated with the fee structure.

Based on current Pharmacy First transactions, the estimated average annual saving to members if £52.80, depending on completed service transactions.  This saving will continue to grow with the addition of new services.

By becoming part of the Numark Affinity Group, any transactions related to the Provider Pays model will be collated and invoiced as a single provider.

We will be invoiced by PharmOutcomes based on the group volume of transactions and then we will in turn invoice members individually at the reduced volume pricing.

If already signed up to the Numark Affinity Group, you will already benefit from the better pricing, with no action needed. The new services will automatically be enrolled into the Affinity Group.

Not yet signed up to the Affinity group?

Sign up directly via PharmOutcomes

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Access supporting registration guide 

See more information about the changes to the Provider Pays model from PharmOutcomes: